A geospatial approach to modeling complex hydrological processes

Michael Wine Michael Wine is a PhD candidate studying Hydrology in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at New Mexico Tech. Published work has focused on hydrologic and hydraulic analysis of water-limited landscapes undergoing transformational land-use and land-cover change. He synthesizes pre-existing (often freely available) geospatial and hydrologic datasets to rapidly and at low cost elucidate the hydrologic effects of these changes.

His research interests include integrating GIS, remote sensing, and three-dimensional surface water groundwater modeling to:

  1. Determine the hydrologic effects of anthropogenic climate change,
  2. Create accurate climatic—precipitation and evaporative demand—surfaces with which to force hydrologic models, and
  3. Develop methods to better quantify the hydrologic cycle of mountainous areas in the desert southwest.