Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Courses at NMT

Land-use and land-cover

Introduction to GIS

This course caters to hydrology, engineering, earth, and environmental sciences students at New Mexico Tech. It is taught each fall and integrates GIS theory and practice. Since this course regularly fills up, pre-enroll early! Topics include:

  1. Intro to GIS
  2. Data Models
  3. Geodetics
  4. Map Projections and Coordinate Systems
  5. Maps, Data Entry, Editing, and Output
  6. Global Navigation Satellite Systems
  7. Aerial and Satellite Images
  8. Digital Data Sources
  9. Relational Databases
  10. Spatial Analysis
  11. Raster Analysis
  12. Terrain Analysis
  13. Spatial Estimation
  14. Spatial Models
  15. Data Quality
  16. Future Trends
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Advanced GIS

This course covers advanced GIS topics and incorporates a substantial individual project component. Students are required to complete a GIS project of their choosing. This is an excellent course for graduate students with a GIS component to their thesis or dissertation or anyone seeking to advance their GIS skills. Past student projects have concentrated on developing and automating hydrology and erosion models. This course is tailored to the interests of each cohort of students. Topics may include:

This course is taught spring semesters on demand. Pre-enroll to ensure that a critical mass of students will allow this class to be offered this spring.