Python Scripts for Distributed Hydrologic Modeling

Convert 2D Geologic Cross Sections to 3D

This Python script for ArcGIS converts 2D contacts digitized from a geologic cross section to a 3D polyline feature class.

Multiple Regression

This Python script for ArcGIS uses multiple regression to model global trends then kriges the regression residuals before creating a final prediction surface.

Reference Evapotranspiration

This Python script for ArcGIS calculates reference evapotranspiration from Oklahoma Mesonet weather data, including application of an aridity adjustment.

Energy and radiation balance remote sensing

This Python script for ArcGIS provides an example of how the remote sensing module can be used to calculate components of the radiation and energy balances for a Landsat image.

Remote sensing module

This Python module for ArcGIS includes functions and methods to extract Landsat image parameters and calculate radiance, at-satellite reflectance, at-surface reflectance, albedo, reference evapotranspiration, incoming shortwave radiation, incoming longwave radiation, outgoing longwave radiation, surface emissivity, net radiation, and soil heat flux.

Batch unzip of large datasets

This Python script unzips batches of large datasets.